About Us

We are looking to the future, always supported by the best from the past.

Our Vision

A Family Adventure of Sharing and Continuous Learning in Footwear

The company Vercesa, a footwear company based in Felgueiras, Portugal, emerged as a result of a family adventure focused on sharing and continuous learning in the realm of footwear.

Our core values, rooted in flexibility, technology, and tradition, have been integral since the company's inception. We firmly believe that our connections with customers and employees are pivotal to our success, and our familial approach has always been a defining feature. This ethos extends to our management of human resources, fostering deep connections and parallel growth over time.

Our commitment to technology is evident in our ongoing evolution to meet contemporary industrial demands, all while maintaining the precision and rigor of our craftsmanship. This approach allows us to achieve faster deliveries without compromising the highest standards of quality production.

Our Mission

Quality is our promise to you.

After years of accumulated experience, our approach to footwear is unwavering — a commitment to ensuring the highest quality production. This dedication unfolds in close proximity to our customers, where we engage in discussions to understand their genuine needs. We offer remarkable flexibility in finishes, often providing handmade and individualized touches, along with extensive production possibilities like Pratik, cemented, strobel, hand-stitched, and washed techniques.

This commitment is paralleled by our continuous technological evolution, meeting the stringent demands of contemporary industrialization in terms of precision and swift deliveries. Throughout this journey, we never lose sight of our profound responsibility to honor the beauty of our past, fueled by passion, and dedicated to our customers' satisfaction. Our footwear stands as a tangible reflection of this enduring commitment.

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Our Techniques

highly experienced shoe makers with the irreverent vision of the new-gen